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How to Prevent Blisters on Your Feet

BlisterBlisters are pockets of skin that are usually filled with a liquid, such as clear plasma or blood. They are painful, so they can quickly take over your feet and they can also take away your motivation to do your daily duties. If they aren’t treated after a while, they could even become infected. Learn how to prevent blisters and have them treated at Foot & Ankle Specialists, an Oviedo and Orlando, FL podiatry office.

What Causes Blisters?
Blisters usually appear on the feet because of tight, uncomfortable shoes and a lot of time spent on your feet. The friction moves the top layer of skin around, causing it to detach and fill with liquid. Blisters sometimes start off as calluses or corns, then continued pressure on the skin causes the raised skin to burst, swell, and become irritated. Too much moisture on the feet (common when wearing sneakers and exercising) may also promote the formation of blisters.

Preventing Blisters
Chances are, your blisters are related to some sort of continued activity, habit, or choice of footwear. If you want to prevent blisters, take these important steps to protect your feet:

- Always wear thick, comfortable socks when you wear closed-toed shoes to protect your skin from unnecessary friction.
- Keep your feet clean and dry, lightly moisturized.
- Replace high-heels and tight shoes with shoes that are roomier, flatter, and have sufficient inner padding.
- Remember to put sunscreen on the feet to avoid sunburn, another potential cause.

Blister Treatments
If you already have blisters on your feet, visit your Oviedo and Orlando, FL podiatrist for treatment. This will increase the chance of returning your feet to good health and restoring their appearance. The blisters will be drained and cleaned. If they’re related to an infection, an anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medication will be prescribed. Keep the recently treated blister wrapped in a bandage as it heals.

Happier, Blister-Free Feet
When your feet are riddled with painful blisters, it’s hard to go through your day feeling happy and positive. Get help at Foot & Ankle Specialists, an Oviedo and Orlando, FL podiatry practice headed up by Dr. Timothy Mason and Dr. Jason Hancock. Call 407-365-9511 today to schedule an appointment.

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