By Foot & Ankle Specialists of Orlando
January 13, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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There's one word that may come to mind when you find out that you have feet fungus: yuck! That's because it comes with some of the foot fungusgrossest and most embarrassing symptoms. In some cases foot fungus, sometimes called “athlete's foot,” may even discourage you from showing your feet in public. Luckily there are simple solutions to this common foot problem available at Foot & Ankle Specialists of Orlando, a podiatry that's committed to keeping your feet healthy and happy.

"Yucky" Foot Fungus
If you've been struggling with foot fungus, you know that it is not a very pleasant condition to deal with. It makes your feet smell and changes their appearance. Symptoms include:

  • chalky buildup
  • scaling and peeling skin
  • a really strong, distinctively bad odor (similar to the smell of corn chips)
  • crumbly yellow toenails (in cases of nail fungus)

What Causes It?
Foot fungus develops when you expose your feet to warm, moist conditions and dirty, communal environments like showers and pool areas. It's common in sports players, which is where it gets the nickname “athlete's foot.” Athletes wear heavy socks and tightly enclosed sneakers that get wet and hot after long periods of activity. Also, if you wear the shoes of someone who has the fungus, you can get it that way as well.

How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus
The first step to getting rid of foot fungus is to stop doing whatever caused the fungus to form. For instance, if you go into public shower stalls barefoot, start wearing flip flops or shower shoes. If you are an athlete, air out your feet periodically and use foot powder. Next, see your Orlando podiatrist for an examination and antifungal medication—it is usually a topical treatment but in severe cases an oral medication may be needed.

Get Help for Your Feet
You don't have to live with the unsavory and uncomfortable symptoms of foot fungus forever. See a doctor at Foot & Ankle Specialists of Orlando, an Orlando, FL podiatry that's committed to helping you put your best foot forward. Call (407) 365-9511 today to make an appointment.