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November 15, 2016
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Fungus breeds in wet environments, and fungal infections can worsen in winter because your feet spend a lot of time sweating in winter foot fungusboots. Foot & Ankle Specialists of Orlando offers state-of-the-art treatments for foot fungus. Dr. Timothy Mason is one of the top podiatrists in Orlando, FL.

Foot Fungus

Foot fungus can appear on the toenails or skin of your feet. Most individuals pick up foot fungus by walking barefoot in public areas, but it can also thrive inside winter boots or wet socks.

Some individuals don't realize that they have developed a toenail fungal infection immediately. Foot fungus can appear as flaky, dry skin on the feet and small bumps on the sides of the foot.

A toenail fungal infection usually appears as a brownish or yellowish discoloration of the toenail and can become disfigured and thick. A toenail fungal infection usually occurs when a skin infection of the foot spreads to the toenails, or if the toenail is cracked or damaged.


A fungal infection can be treated with oral antifungals, a nail lacquer such as Penlac, or topical creams such as Lotrimin. Oral medications are typically reserved for moderate-to-severe fungal infections. Antifungal topical medicines are applied to the infected toenail and surrounding areas of the skin.

Treatment at your Orlando podiatrist's office may involve debridement, or trimming down the toenail. This will decrease the thickness of the toenail and relieve pain that may be occurring with footwear. Debridement may increase the effectiveness of topical medicines.

Removal of an infected toenail is used for recurring or severe fungal toenail infections. Toenail removal is rarely needed. Toenail removal can be done without surgery or with surgery.

You don't have to suffer from toenail fungus. Call Foot & Ankle Specialists of Orlando in Orlando, FL at (407) 365-9511 right now to schedule an appointment with our podiatrist. Our Orlando practice specializes in podiatry medicine. We can help you get rid of that toenail fungus infection for good.